For those that want to help Sentai grow quicker they can donate any of the following graphics: Level Badges, Link Buttons, Card Images. Please see the individual sections below for requirements, as well as the rewards for each

Level Badges
• Level badges should be a maximum of 300 wide and 135 high.
• Should be submitted as sets of 5
Rewards: 2 Choice normal, 1 Choice Special, 2 Random Normal, 1 Random Special

Link Buttons
• Should be one of 3 sizes - 88x31, 100x35 or 100x50
• Should be submitted as sets of 5
Rewards: 1 Choice Special, 2 Choice Normal, 2 Random Normal

Master Badges
• No sizw restriction
• Should be submitted in sets of 5
Rewards: 2 Choice Normal, 1 Choice Special, 1 Random Normal

Card Images - View claimed decks
• No maximum size, the larger/better quality image the better
• Should be submitted with a minimum of 20 images unless its for a special deck
• When submitting decks at the forum, please include the following information: Deck Name, Deck Description, Series, Deck Type (Character/Scene/Puzzle/Special) and the episode number if its from one
Rewards: 2 Choice cards from the deck, 2 Choice Normal cards, 2 Choice Special Cards, 2 Random Normal, 2 Random Special • Choice of a card from the donated deck once made

Please send all donations as uploads through the donations section of the forum. When you create your topic, please state which cards you would like as your choices.

Please do one topic per donation