Deck Name: Quicksilver
Description: eter Maximoff aka Quicksilver from the X-Men Moves
Category: X-Men
Date Released: 2020-12-13

Quicksilver 00

Quicksilver 01Quicksilver 02Quicksilver 03Quicksilver 04Quicksilver 05
Quicksilver 06Quicksilver 07Quicksilver 08Quicksilver 09Quicksilver 10
Quicksilver 11Quicksilver 12Quicksilver 13Quicksilver 14Quicksilver 15
Quicksilver 16Quicksilver 17Quicksilver 18Quicksilver 19Quicksilver 20


Master Badges:

101skaz, Coyote, Desbrina, Hotaru

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