Good day~ !

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Good day~ !

Post by dyanice »

I'm Dyanice! A 26 year old finishing a masters degree in Digital Graphic Design.

I love TCGs & used to play on Midnight Tempest (Sailor Moon TCG) around 9~11 years ago. I always liked the system developed by Desbrina (auto-updating, no need for a trading post). I sort of fell out of it for a bit and tried to return but saw that it was unfortunately closed. Recently I discovered Card Hoarder and I felt really glad & happy so I instantly joined.

My favorites decks will always be everything Sailor Moon related. My interests roam around kpop (mostly girl groups), design, gaming (destiny 2 right now), and animals. If there's anything you'd like to chat about, I'm all up for it!

Fun fact: I have 20 chickens & a dog.

Thanks for reading & have a nice day! ^-^

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Re: Good day~ !

Post by desbrina »

Nice to see you back :D

I've got 2 dogs as well
Might get around to making something for here :D

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