how to stop spammer from joining the forum

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how to stop spammer from joining the forum

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It's really simple since I did it on Tainted Onez and now no random spammers join and post spam.

All you need to do is open ACP > Go to Spambot countermeasures on the main page.

Once you are there, look for Available plugins and see if you can use Q&A. If you can then click it. Then, Configure it by doing some 'simple' questions that a real person would know.

Some suggestions or ideas of Q&As for you.
>What is Card Hoarder about? Collecting Cards. ( I think XD )
>What KH character does Desbrina use icons of? Axel mostly.
>Spell this right 'Darc Raorhed'
And I'm out of ideas. but I hope it gives you some ideas. For my forum, I got 3 questions. 'What does TOZ stand for' , 'Spell this right 'Onze Tiatnde'' and 'Who founded Tainted Onez?' lol simple things. XD

I just want to help you out. ^_^

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