Weekly Games
Game Name Description
Card Mixup Can you guess the four cards
Freebies Pick up some freebies here
Higher or Lower? Can you guess if the next card will be higher or lower?
Lottery Buy a card and see if you win anything
Lucky Match Have you got any of these cards? If so, you'll win a prize
Mall Check out the shops available cards
Scrambled Card Can you work out which card this is?
Select Mall Buy specific cards here


On-Going Games
Game Name Description
Booster Packs Buy a booster pack of cards.
Card Excahnge Swap cards here
Collect Swap out unwanted cards here
Coupon Swap Swap your gathered coupons for cards
Donations Feeling helpful, donate some graphics here
Doubles Swap Swap your doubles for new cards
Login Bonus Check your login bonus here
Member Cards View and request a member card here