Doubles from the Mall

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Doubles from the Mall

Post by Gaelle »

Made a purchase at the Mall and received two doubles of cards I requested. This is the second time it happened. Can we fix this?

Log for reference:
Mall: 4 Kings 05, 4 Kings 05, Crystal Mercury Planet 15, Crystal Neptune Planet 18, Crystal Neptune Planet 18, FF7Remake2019TGS 25, FF7 Remake SOP 2019 10, FF7 Remake SOP 2019 16, Frozen 20, Jun Jun 16, Jupiter Dies 04, Never Alone 15, Switched 09

I only purchased one 4kings05 and one Crystal Neptune Planet 18 and it gave me them twice plus the charge(300).

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Re: Doubles from the Mall

Post by Admin »

Does it occur every time or only sometimes
I've seen on occasion it shows a card twice but only received once

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